Creative Art

More than just an artist...

I am a multi-disciplinarian, loving to use my knowledge, skills and talents to remodel houses, design websites, play musical instruments and create original works of art. I’m inspired mostly by Leonardo da Vinci, whose ability to use art, engineering, math and science appeals to my own abilities to see the relationships in everything around me. After all, I too, believe that, ‘art is the queen of all sciences, communicating knowledge to all generations of the world.’ 

I am also a parent of three wonderful young men, so making the world a better place for them and teaching them to do the same is always at the forefront of my mind. I hope that they grow up to be the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and world changers. 

And I always love to learn a new language…I’m currently trying to add Swahili and Pashto to my collection of familiar languages.

Fine Art Work


Crayola ColorSticks


Colored Pencil



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Student's work

Abstract Handprint

To help student’s minds break away from the traditional expectation of using white paper for art, I used Crayola Colorsticks on Black paper for this project. I reviewed shapes with the students before teaching them how to trace their hands to provide their main ‘shape’ for their artwork. 

Every chance I get I try and expose the students to new mediums and new ways of creating art. With the additional restrictions that Covid life has put on everyone this year, creating art projects that fit within the 2’x2′ area of each students’ desk was a challenge in and of itself. Add to that fact that I have been stepping into the shoes of a substitute art teacher and limited to what supplies I could find in the art classroom left by the previous teacher, and well, this is what you get.

Soul's Counselors

Winter break 2020-2021 introduced Pixar’s Soul to the world. So impressed by the artwork I studied it and presented the students with a study on Alexandar Calder’s Stabiles as well as the following line art project of Soul’s Counselors. 

Timely and relevant, the children loved the opportunity to discover that they had the ability to draw their own Soul counselors, as seen in these few samples.

The students practiced on a piece of scratch paper before drawing their designs on these constructed canvases they made from a sheet of grey paper and 3 scrap pieces. A retro feel that I felt enhanced this particular piece of line art.

Among Us

Pop culture continues to inspire me, and when given the chance to free draw I frequently see my students sketching out Among Us characters and scenes.

So, I took the opportunity to teach scissor skills, collaging and story telling with this Among Us project. The students cut out all the pieces of the characters on various colors of construction paper and then added speech bubbles to share their thoughts on this pop culture game.

They’re creativity and self expression never cease to amaze me…these pieces some of my favorites from that week’s project.